Today’s random self assigned unassessed learning

We made some 3D flexagons because I assigned her this task because I thought she’d like it.

Oh, did she complain! Mainly because a bit of it is quite difficult, and it was my idea so therefore my fault. Of course she did actually like it so then she made lots and eventually didn’t even need words to help her…. It’s a common process- dinner is “ewww eww” then possibly an hour later she just eats it cold. The “no.. no.. but tell me more, I’ll come round to the idea if it’s any good”.

Now having the felt tips out she is colouring in a dart… even the bits you can’t see. This required ordering the colours then a system of taking from the to do end and putting it in the done end. Weird. She is listening and occasionally talking to me about the book she is listening to……

I’m trying to justify my assessment in my made up unit plan in 200 words for 7 marks. Colouring and listening to a story on a rainy day looks more enjoyable.

….procrastination over….

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