Is lego just lego?

The kids are playing lego, or is it playing with lego?

So far they have discussed: the increase of motivation you get when you are “paid”.. (they are paying each other in desirable pieces to find other pieces), equality, fairness, vegetarianism, the qualities of various pieces (using words to describe a piece in a mutually common lego language), the finer details of describing colour, there is a story going on about what they are making, a story about how the pieces hide, they are using lovely manners with each other…. it’s a wall of words while their eyes scan and their fingers twiddle. We don’t have a lot of lego so there has to be discussion over several of the pieces.

Now they have “moved in together” to combine all their “money” and share what they have made. No longer are they “paying” each other as “that would be silly” seeing as they now live together and can then share the vegetarian sausages. They are still motivated to help each other find pieces! I wonder if they are changing their working theory. They are building for poor people (some toys called rubbishies). This turned into a massive undertaking over what habitat the individual rubbishies would need and then there weren’t enough bins (each of these texturally repugnant pieces of plastic comes with it’s own bin, I can’t help but wonder if the manufacturers had a laugh about the rubbish bins they were making that will be chucked out as landfill one day) but this problem of finding “beds” was solved by making some of the rubbishies nocturnal.

Both these children are only children. Both these children are not easy, they are so not biddable, and are often impossible!! But right now they communicating in a way that would put many adults to shame, and using such words as floundering in a conversation. Together they are making their world where a blue sun comes out when it rains and it rains for years at a time.

I will discuss with them later their misguided idea that bosses “deserve” better houses (though they were meaning bins) … an accurate observation but a inaccurate explanation, a missconception (one of the few edu speak terms I remember but I think they stole it from english).

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