Kids talking

There is a thing teachers do at schools where you monitor kids talking to see whether it is on task chatter, usually it isn’t, because it is so good when the kids are talking about the task as it adds to their understanding. On task talk is the holy grail of education.

Today’s task as assigned by the children is rolling lego cars down a plank of wood they found and made into a steep slope by putting one end up a tree with out their cars falling off.

There was a lot of talking. They first just made regular lego cars but they never made their way to the end of the plank, so inside they ran with all their words and ideas bubbling out. Both children had ideas and slightly different technical solutions. Both children tested their ideas and added to them. Back and forth they went with their individual efforts. They wanted to be together so waited for each other to build and test. Even though there were individual cars there was a steady flow of words and ideas between them, they were working together… I heard them tell each other when they thought the other one had a good idea. There was lots of adding on to each others ideas “oh yeah and….” they had conversations about what piece of lego they wanted, the side wings, a thing in the front, that Helena can’t remember the name of. Of course the cars had names and plot in amongst the more measurable ideas of stability and their designs, sorry I have been corrected there were characters that drove the cars they had names “my guy”… and wait for it “my guy…”

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  1. lisa says:

    I love your posts!


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