those feathers again..

What does it all mean? These feathers have lasted as characters for well over a year. Their names have remained the same, except Green is now Green Gage due to trying a hyped up plum. First the feathers lived in a box by her bed and now they live in a converted ex milkshake cup! She was totally making for a client/percieved need – carrying them by hand, the box had been repurposed, led to some near losses and taking them to campground hosting was important. Roll call is also an important feature of having feathers, their names are listed on their new home. It is hard to just remember 10 names especially if you can’t see all 10. We did have a mathematical discussion on grids, how a five by five would actually give you 25 places to write the roll. I dunno where she even picked up the idea of a roll, I suspect Playcentre fire drills.

It’s also the way she talks about them and to them. “They are great inside and out” is what she said about her throwing them into the air and catching them (outside) or throwing in the air with her eyes shut (inside) for hide and seek. Hide and seek comes with a running commentary “clever hiding little guy” and a proud moment in recognising the superior hiding of the purple one (it’s name is Grape). They also feature in the classic game of grooming, being washed, dried and brushed with a her toothbrush…. ick. The heater is turned on just for them as they like it.

They came with us to the Classic Boat show “they have to come mum they are important to me.” I wonder what she will say when she grows up, will she say she was so lonely she made feathers her friends or will she say she was never lonely because of her imagination that made even feathers her friends (though the relationship is more maternal than friendship).

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