First day of the new school year…

An adult asked Helena if she was back at school and after she said she was homeschooled they asked if she’d started doing school work yet? She said she didn’t know. With kids she’ll sometimes say that she’s lucky as her Mum believes in play based learning (to clarify here we do not play those games that are designed to educate). There is less of a clear demarcation, separation of term and not term, more a gradual change except for this…

This is everything from her desk area outside. It was a little visit to hell. The sorting…. what is rubbish? I told her that at a school the teachers would do this and most stuff would get chucked or given to the kids to take home. I can not tell what is important. She did not want me to do it!! After much argy bargy we ended up with this..

But it works….

Of course there is a massive bag and a box of unsorted stuff still in the garage but we’ll make hay while the sun shines…..

I declare the 2021 school year started.

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