All on her own

I hate baking. I hate that given any opportunity Helena would eat lollies, though she can make one lolly last 30mins (we had a long bus trip and counted time by lolly).

Helena likes baking, actually she likes the decorating. Fortunately her fairy Godmother also loves baking and has the skills I lack (attention to detail and ability to follow instructions) so they have something fun to do together. When Helena wants to bake at home she has to do it all herself. But when she makes dinner once a week I am her assistant, the assistant who interferes a little too much – I’m not good at relinquishing control (but I’m sure she understands as the apple didn’t fall far from the tree). She chose a biscuit recipie, checked we had the stuff, halved the recipie made and cooked them. Then she made the icing, a bowl for each colour, decorated each one (they have names) and cleaned up. I find it easier if I think of them as art I don’t have to find a place for, ephemeral art. I also said if she wants biscuits in her lunch box she has to make them and keep the tins full! She lasted two weeks.

I suspect the important bit to her is the relationships betweenthe biscuits, the story, there is a traditional single child family in white outfits on that tray..

I’m filling this in Numeracy, Literacy, and Physical Education and Health as I’m sure that in the role bestowed upon me of distributor of biscuits there has been many conversations about sugar, hunger, the relationship between hunger and tiredness (thanks Susan), which part of a meal is the important thing to eat -that pyramid thing…. I have let it be known that I will not partcipate in any way next time, the distribution of biscuits being quite stressful.

The biscuits were delicious as well as beautiful and all by herself.

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