Lego masters

We watch “reality” TV, namely Lego Masters, and Maker something. I read someone calling these sort of programmes soft TV. Everyone is nice, nice to each other, compliments other people’s work, gives positive feedback, there are hugs and when someone leaves tears. Helena has favourites! She talks about the ideas but only sometimes gets the lego out -she doesn’t think it’s her thing. I liked lego but it wasn’t the same when I was a kid there were 4 colors and no interesting bits.

Today Helena made this while watching lego masters.. she looked for particular colours, her idea had a story, she followed no instructions. Occasionally we talk about how she thinks about the pieces mainly as I am sometimes the designated looker, she was always precise with defining the pieces. There is so much maths in lego, all the counting, symmetry, tessellation etc but it’s the idea of a story that pulls her in.

It’s a waterfall, and behind the waterfall is a den with a fire, a cup for collecting water – complete with ceiling drip, and food.


This is more common, a miss mash of genres – lego plus Sylvanians, rather Sylvanians plus lego, and a heavy dose of story with well developed characters.

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