Lockdown biking

Like lots of other people we did some biking during Lockdown. I was astounded by all the people, especially families, out biking. We usually bike but this was biking on the road with NO cars just other cyclists. It was wonderful. We did lots of road code stuff about indicating, so far she’s only confident indicating left so I guess we can do a lot of circles. We did the give way sign and triangle, some waiting on the line. I think I liked it better than Helena though as there was NO stress. Usually I’m saying “keep left” loudly, then there will be some shouting about staying next to me as she goes off with the fairies in her head, she has even crashed into a parked truck on the footpath cause she was elsewhere in her head… sometimes I have no idea if I’ve got through to her and you just can’t stop being alert in traffic so I shout louder. But at the same time I don’t want to make her scared about biking…

A man was killed by a car while biking with his daughter during lockdown. It’s hard being the change you want to happen in the world when the consequences are so dire, I guess that’s why we don’t usually see all those other families around.


The best bit was going around the roundabout at the end of the road as fast as we could round and round and round.. even better was going to dinner at some friends house after lockdown then biking home in the dark… check out the safety gear that now I’ve shown her the photos Helena has seen the value of wearing.

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