one Little thing

This morning I found some of these little shop things still wrapped and hid them on Helena’s bed, which she found so much earlier than I thought she would, ie. before bed time. Delighted Helena gave some to her friend, our 5 year old neighbor who is finally and thankfully in our bubble… it would break their hearts to go back to level 4. This little gift set them up for hours of fun counting and sorting. They were a supermarket, essential workers who hadn’t been able to find babysitters. Hmmm maybe they have been listening to the news, except that the babies had come to the supermarket to watch them work. I think they know that kids aren’t allowed to go to the supermarket at the moment, these kids haven’t been for six weeks. I don’t know how sole parents who don’t have a live in Granddad manage this. I was impressed with their babies, their many babies, they were all piled up on a chair being perfect, still, and quiet…

Check out their sorting, fruit section, cleaning stuff, fridge, bread and spreads.. apparently I missed the “deep freeze” “vege section” and others.

“we were playing supermarkets, and we had a boss and we had a bit of time to get everything sorted before she came… play working with” my friend “is fun.”

A little slice of normality?

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