Endless weird projects…

We often spend a lot of time at home… but this time so are others so we’ve certainly had more than usual electronic socialisation. Helena has been never endingly busy as usual but unusually has said she’s bored and wanted more screen time. All the ideas I have she’s poo pooed. Instead there has been:

20200328_191237these guys! Astelia has for some reason lost her arms.

20200324_181636and they’ve been being well looked after.

20200326_202553so has she… as for the blue ninjas

20200323_122650they have their own vehicle (with car seats, storage, landing gear…) and a lair with a jail and a big brother.

I don’t know what these guys are up to.. but it was very carefully done.


I quite like the baby bird –

20200328_163455but some are just art, can you say just art?

Or semi practical??


There was also clay and hours spent using her new (awesome timing) art journal after we saw the amazing Jan Thompson’s ones in St Arnaud.

Currently she’s watching Lego Masters and making something out of lego..

…its only been 4 days.

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