School as you play it

The kids got Explorer Packs from the Botanical gardens. They contain; a “work book,” pencils, a wooden bingo board of natural items, a laminated treasure hunt with whiteboard markers to tick off particular colours as you see them, duck food, an animal identification book and binoculars. All of which are not as Important as the colour of the bag… Helena has been wanting to do this for a long time.


This is Helena at school. I think she is the teacher as she is very bossy, well is giving a lot of instructions.

They did these bingo boards then did drumming school with their hands. Followed by bird watching. Her friend (who’s 7) had the identification book and he actually goes to school (albeit non mainstream) and Helena and the other child had binoculars. Helena says she was still the teacher.

Fantasy play helps us think about our ideas. I played school a lot with my sister and even though we went to school we played a 1950s version of individual desks, sit up straight with no talking sort of game. I remember the setting up being the best fun. I wonder what the idea is in Helena’s head? it seems to involve hierarchy….  the bit I don’t like, but just because she plays this it doesn’t mean she wants it, the idea is the toy. I have to remember not to comment on the game.

Now she wants to play “school” with other friends and I get to be the teacher..

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