A day in the van..

Mixed age is awesome…


And whose idea was this particular play.. the 2 year old’s! After we’d spent a while sitting in the van, just the two of us, driving without keys, and changing seats the others came to see what we were doing and hopped in the back to play “house.” I heard stuff about babies, sleeping and when the 2 year old joined in with the 5, 7 and 8 year old he became another of Helena’s (Mum?) baby. At some point there became one of those changes when everyone wants to be different things – zombies and fairies it was for a bit then it was just about the whole negotiation thing -what was an acceptable character… for some reason being a giraffe was contentious. Then there was the zombie drawing on the window. From the tiny human like figure to the enthusiastic scribble.


Later as the children changed so to did the game.


All about the set up perhaps? They even had their dinner in the van, and probably had sophisticated conversation…

This van spends most of it’s life ignored but today a big interest from the littlest kid transformed it.

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