Last Tuesday, only a week ago, Helena discovered origami. In that she made stuff from a book, following instructions, at first she had help with someone she couldn’t shout at, and who was patient… then she did it by herself.


Then they had portraits carefully drawn.


The bottom one is “batty” which is her favorite. It even slept with her… she can now make bats off by heart.

Then at the book fair we found this book that she’d wanted for ages.


So she has been making darts… then making some more darts.

They got lined up.

They all had names. They were called ‘darling’…  they had relatives, older sisters and the like.


The through the chair challenge.

Then they all got cards…….


They even got pictures on the cards, the best ever star …

One dart came on our walk into town and it was looked after so well it made it home undamaged! It was called Ice.

Today she carefully chose two, one for herself and one for her young friend we were looking after.

This is HOURS and HOURS of work… of independent research into who knows what.


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