Show and tell

Just for fun we have show and tell at our Monday meeting. The meeting is when we talk about what we have on for the week, what we want to do, stuff we have to finish etc but it was a bit ho hum, adult heavy, so then we started show and tell- a reason for Helena to do all the talking. I get to ask questions, I pretend I know nothing. It’s totally like show and tell at school where a kid gets up and then mumbles some usually short and repetitive thing about a toy…

Today there was preparation…


The children had school work to do after they had chosen what sparkly thing to go in their school work. Helena wrote their names, ages and favourite colours in their school work, they got to work in pairs.


Kens is short for Kensie.

Show and tell

In a babyish? voice “This is my little box of rattles. Listen to them rattle (shakes it).

Me “So what are you going to tell us about your rattles? What’s the persons name?”

“I am Tim. It says in my work book which I share with my big brother. He is called Kevin. He is 10, I am 1.”

Me “oh are these your rattles”


“Yeah, I got them for Christmas. These ones are the grubs and this is mummy and daddy and they all have googly eye rattles. I love them. I don’t take them to bed like most kids do when they love their soft toys, I put them in their box and put them in a cupboard by my bed and when day comes I wake up and I go and get breakfast for me sneakily, cause I wake up before even Kevin wakes up and Mum and Dad. Then I make everyone else breakfast, leave them on the table and hurry back to go and play with my toys.”

Me “That’s very kind” “yes” “Where did you get your toys?”

“I got them for Christmas, Kevin got a boat which he shares with one of my sisters. And one of my sisters got a whole lot of jewels which she’s now very kindly giving to everyone to put in their work books.” “Now it’s my turn to talk (is talking in her normal voice)… very pleased with his rattles. I made them by just… I first of all looped… I made like.. I’ll make a tiny one, so like you do that, then you wind it round and round and round and round like..”

Me “oh so the loop is kind of left at the top”

“Like that, then you stick a googly eye on either side of the loop…. They were fun to make, this guy’s the most cuddly. If he was going to have one in his bed I’d only let him have this one in his bed as all the other ones have spikey bits sticking out of them. (I have been instructed to point out to you that Helena is meaning the beige one) He’s named them very recently but I’ve forgotten all their names. I have to write them down to remember them. I think this was Susie, Jim, Kelly…. and this one was Jumbo and Sally….         It’s not my show and tell it’s his.        Thank you for coming”


Tim and Jumbo.

Then later she was with her neighbor friend making set ups, talking for her guys.. happy happy happy.  One of the guys is learning to talk as it has hearing aids that Helena made.


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