Tea anyone?

20190219_143532.jpgand what do children think one should talk about at tea parties?

Well they are apparently quite formal and you have to offer a “spot more of tea” a lot and you discuss the weather and what you have done during the day and for the length of the afternoon tea you all remain sitting, have quiet conversation, and every one listens to each other… and the other conversation topics were fine!

So if you worry that the kids are too loud, rude, talk over each other, fight all the time and talk poo or some such silliness, don’t as they can suck it up when it fits in with their rules, when they decide… so instead of dwelling on the 5 minutes before this when there was serious argy bargy about the chairs not being the same height! or me spazzing out about the mess on the lawn enjoy the tea party and the moment of calm…

Coffee was not allowed at the tea party.

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