School on sunday..

Today is the 100th anniversary of the end of world war 1. I had no intention of commemorating it. I spend a lot of my time helping children work out ways of solving problems without violence, and they can and they don’t have fully developed brains. But there was a lot of conversation about it on National Radio which goes on at 7am and doesn’t really get turned off, more of a tuning out.

Was Helena listening? She does think about war. It worries her. She knows it effects other children.

So today we head to the beach and a 3 hour walk.

This is making paint..

This is Helena sitting in the rock circle we found and my 84 year old father added to. There is a black line painted round the circle (me thinking Andy Goldsworthy) with Helena’s painted stones in it arranged in a peace symbol….(her idea)

Tonight we’ll read this. Once again you never know when they are listening!

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