Te Wiki o te Reo Mâori

What we did;

  1. I brought a book Mâori at home which has made me laugh and laugh. Helena will surely be learning Kia tika te noho (sit properly) and Kâti te whakapîoioi tûru (Stop swinging on your chair)… but perhaps not the one I can’t find right now about buying a dog!
  2. using the Mâori names for the birds we saw, and learning new ones
  3. reading Myths and legends
  4. listening to waiata
  5. trying to listen to radio in te Reo Mâori – thwarted somewhat by outdated technology
  6. saying a Karakia at meals, the one we did at Playcentre that Helena heard/said every morning tea for years and suddenly doesn’t seem to remember which we will say until she does
  7. reading in te Reo Mâori
  8. trying new kupu and sentences
  9. trying to watch kids using te Reo
  10. and the best thing, for me, finding someone else more knowledgeable who I feel comfortable talking to, and asking questions of
  11. being out side
  12. talking about Tikanga
  13. and I’ve found a macron of sorts

I feel this is a crap list… some of those things I do anyway.

What I would like is for Helena to become bi-lingual for so many reasons but I can”t do that. What I can do – model learning and its challenges, not give up and be lazy….. Next stop is goal setting, I wish I wasn’t such a terrible self directed learner.

The photo is of some korus Helena did when she was very little – a symbol of new beginnings and growth – still growing and still beginning.

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