it’s all about the process but I wish I had cleaners….

the table we eat all our meals at between meals…..


the bedroom floor…


the desk that can’t be used due to the mess created while using it….


Last week our virtue was cleanliness (partly a er sort of joke…) but the house was somewhat cleaner for that week. It is a hard road to navigate – allowing the mess of being creative, prioritising the doing and not stopping for the putting away, being free move onto the next idea when the old one opens up the ideas can, and yet actually having the space to do all these things and the clean slate to start on, that glorious blank page….. Then there is the, do I clean it up? oh the resentment… having no time to breathe, or do I get the small one tiding up and then she’ll know where everything is for next time (kidding my self a little there). I do not want to put her off ever doing anything! That kite took hours and hours of cutting, some form of measuring, lots of justification “I used feathers as birds fly and I wanted the kite to fly” “It was a ? but then I felt it looked like a Lion so it is a Lion kite” …. It was LOVED for a day but there was no wind. Now it is on a desk with stuff on top and she’s moved on, maybe. Now I look at those photos I realise some of that mess is mine! I love making and doing. Love it.

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