music – too hard box? (on-going)


Music is not my forte. I like listening – to some. I don’t like classical music much – though I’m sure if I knew more I could clarify that. I did learn the recorder, the piano and violin and even got to grade 3 of theory, I only know this as I found an old certificate (it could have been in Mongolian) when we moved.

I wrote the above though, from the internet, to match the colours of some bells we got out of the Toy Library. It was so Helena could play happy birthday to her lovely music loving Fairy godmother…. It was mostly a success as it sounded like happy birthday but I didn’t think that my explanation of the different lengths of notes and the notation went anywhere. BUT yesterday Helena got out her recorder and the 1983 book and tried to play a tune – she copied the notes and tried to play the melody, (or is it the rhythm and time to model how to look stuff up) she isn’t at being able to note change yet but we’ll see. It’s hard to get the right balance of challenge to return on this investment and hence reinvestment in the challenge. Possibly Helena got out the recorder because as I am determined to learn a waiata for Maori language week I have had the Ukulele out. Model Model Model….

A work in progress….

Next challenge DANCE!!!!!

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