watching Fantasia in the age of TV you don’t have to work for…. (22.08.18)

A seven and six year old snuggled on the couch waiting – thinking Mickey Mouse and cartoon. I press play on the VIDEO…

“this is sooo boring”

“when’s Mickey Mouse going to come?”

5 minutes of that then….. 5 minutes more…. and finally

“I think it’s space, maybe they are umbrellas… ” “what do you think that is?” “it’s lava” “do you think they are fish” “can faeries be boys” “ooo I like that, it’s like fireworks”

Leading to a constant commentary of imagination, and trying to be the one to be doing the saying…

Now they are even listening to the conductor (who previously “looked stupid”) and discussing how long ago the piece of music was written. Imagine if you were nearly 1000 years old? hmmmm  (I work out here that my Dad saw this in 1940 when he was a kid – he remembers Mickey mouse and the brooms..)

“whats that stuff, it looks like eyes”… “is the hat magic”

“what is he doing? what is he doing with all the water?” “so that’s why….”


and silence, are they listening to the music?

No, they are hiding from the lava…. and discussing lava facts!!

I think we will try a bit of painting to classical music! I’ll have to look at the internet, it turns out I recognise some of the pieces but have no idea of names or artist…. composer, album cover?


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