dunno what to do? (16-8-18)

So we didn’t have a Monday meeting this week – it is when we talk about what we want to do for the week and it just means when we are at a loss I can say “well we said we’d do this.” Often we find we are allergic to what it was we said we wanted to do so we suddenly find something to do, or we remember that we really want to do that…. The meeting didn’t fit in and I was in part seeing if it is any use writing in a notebook our ideas for the week – I’m voting YES.

So we are sort of at a loss but books are due so we’ll go to the library – first you have to find all the books….

Activity 1: alphabetise the books, Helena initiated activity because she knows the list from Library Elf is in alphabetical order… this is a whole body moving activity!

We had conversations about not

  • not counting ‘the’ or ‘a’ in ordering the books and why
  • spines
  • ordering by title or author
  • we used words like, after.. before.. between
  • looked at the most common letters

of course when you have 35 books you find a book you haven’t read yet…

Activity 2: Read it! It was Kei hea te hipi kakariki? Which lead to a conversation about trying to remember how to say “what is this?” in te reo Maori. (I don’t know how to macronise!) So off to www.kdec.school.nz which we used in sign language week. I think learning the words and actions together helps, seems to help me. Then we ended up with this:20180816_105156

which will give us heaps to refer to for the next week.

Activity 3: Finding the missing books then weight the books – 16.3kgs of book for my bike to carry (apparently funny), plus 22kgs of child. Wait that is 22kgs with out shoes…. 22.4  and so we had conversations about how you can change the weight measured by holding onto the chair, what the point . means. We then get out the fine scales that measure detail! (Later at dinner we measure how many grams of food we eat)

Activity 4: Seeing as we found Mama Panya’s Pancakes I guess that is what we should make for lunch. We measure accurately. “Mum I’ve never seen you cook like this before”…

So now it’s after lunch and we get to bike to the library for a 1 hour browse.

I asked Helena at dinner what she did today “I spent all day at the library” “really?” “I spent most of the day getting ready for the library” she smiled.

Another good day.

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