pump track (14 – 8 – 18)


So happy… a few months ago Helena would never have done this. She learnt to ride a bike in February and now she is doing a dirt track! Woohoo. She can climb trees like a monkey, go straight up a pole, hang upside down and climb moving objects, bounces flying foxes is physically confident and adept but hates slides and was not keen on biking. Slides I get (no control) but bikes is weird considering that is often how we get around – we use a DoLittle which is a extra seat on the bar between me and the handle bars. We know people who bike, bikes are just part of our lives! This is a break through. Was it because of the other home-school kids? She never seams like the opinions/abilities of others is at all motivating, same as she doesn’t notice/care about where she excels and others don’t.   Just time?    Self assessed risk taking of the speed cautious?

I am amused that her cherished, so wanted baby carrier meant no mountain bikers back.


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