more on the qualities of wax (the weekend)

We are making non plastic shopping bags (fundraising for nature, a KCC challenge) and printing on them a design of Helena’s called Happy Fish – it says “thanks for not littering” and she recently added “keep our drains clean”. So I in full on make stuff up as you go mode, experiment before reading, trace over her design onto screen printing fabric which is held taught on a X-stitch frame and then we paint wax in the areas we don’t want the fabric paint on. It’s OK powers that be I have let go of my dream of being a technology teacher, I’ve read your Achievement Objectives by Learning Area and it just isn’t how creative people work. To do the wax painting we melt the wax in a pot and use a normal paintbrush.. ruining the paint brush of course. At some point in this process Helena tried pouring melted wax into cold water.


These shapes have names and these are the BEST ones – the ones I wasn’t allowed to melt. She tried moving the wax about in the water, stretching the wax , folding it over itself.. She replaced her water with cold water when the water got warm. This was a sustained activity lasting about an hour with a constant commentary and much more fun than painting with some one who wanted her to stay in the lines! I confess to being somewhat in the flow of my project to listen her narrated flow, but it was scientific in nature.

Helena did help with the painting when the wax was done.. and we are now in the process of revising how we could do this in a readable way.

Level One Outcome development and evaluation

  • Investigate a context to communicate potential outcomes . Evaluate these against attributes; select and develop an outcome in keeping with the identified attributes.

Aye we can’t read the words.

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