weird project x – Friday July 27th 2018


  1. balloons brought with your own money
  2. loom bands
  3. daffodil stems
  4. metal straw
  5. frozen grapes


Blow up balloons… discover that you can use a daffodil stem as a straw especially when it’s tied on with a loom band… connect two balloons… blow one up and squeeze the air from one balloon to the other… but WAIT water! connect a balloon to the tap with a loom band, cut a hole in it to put the straw in and direct the water… blow in the water with a straw… suck frozen grapes up out of the water (food colouring added) using the straw and move them about… eat them…


and for the final hurrah put a frozen thing in the balloon and stick the balloon on the end of the straw and blow and blow and blow until it comes out…

  • Learning: “balloons are good experiments, same with ice and frozen grapes… I was making things with balloon power like a fan or hair dryer”

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